Create value for our clients by providing a quality “one stop shop” for precious metal services and encompassing information provision and project support and preparation.

We understand the need for greater transparency and enhanced integrity wherever you operate along the precious metal value chain. We are able to harness technology to provide clients with greater efficiencies and to achieve an elevation in industry best practices.

At Evidens we provide consulting and advisory expertise on a global basis for precious metals clients, with cradle to grave capabilities in financing and logistics from mine through the processing pipeline to fabricators, investors and storage. In addition we aim to service the official sector and other long-term holders in sourcing research, yield enhancement and support services. We want to drive a change in thinking for the industry by offering a network of specialists to prepare projects for tender and then selecting the most relevant partners to compete for the business.

We want our clients to come to Evidens as a “first and only call” for innovative and cost effective solutions for specific projects or more generic training and education in the precious metal space.

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