We can provide market information on the historic and current lease rate environments with guidance to future influencing factors in order to help clients with strategies to minimise exposures to lease rates.

We aim to help newcomers to the market to understand the broader range of products that exist in order to improve efficiencies where possible. Furthermore we aim to provide a high level review of on our client’s business model in order to propose growth strategies focusing on client’s own core strengths.

We can introduce clients to the full range of products that are being used by the official sector to enhance returns on gold holdings. In addition we can provide information on strategies that clients have used in order to raise funding using gold reserves as collateral.

We have access to a wide range of independent commodity research companies who can provide generic research. In addition we can tender specific bespoke research projects to the market. We can also provide “expert witness” services to review historical anomalies where jurisdictions allow.

We can review existing hedge exposures and/or provide suggestions for optimal hedging strategies going forward. We can also provide an independent review of hedging proposals received from third parties.

We can review the existing processes used to bring gold from the mine-head to the international market, looking at improving efficiencies in pipeline funding, transportation logistics and refining contracts.

We can review consuming clients supply channels with a view to improving efficiencies by providing alternative metal sources, conscious of grades and brands. We would aim to provide clients with alternative sources of physical supply with funding alternatives for consignments where relevant.

We can review clients’ existing clearing and custody arrangements with a view improving efficiencies by offering a wider variety of secure vaults and tendering out custody and clearing business to the wider market.

We can tender out business to relevant parties for all logistical issues ranging from analysis and inspections to transportation and distribution services whether it be ongoing or of a one-off nature.