Official Sector

  • Information Provision
  • Risk Management and Execution Guidance
  • Yield Enhancement Structures
  • Support Services

Financial Institutions

  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Product Knowledge and Infrastructure Roll-out
  • Training and Education Provision on Market and Operational Risk


  • Negotiating Refining Contracts
  • Seeking Funding Partners
  • Pricing and Risk Guidance

Precious Metal Refiners

  • Sourcing Feedstock
  • Pipeline Funding Solutions
  • Negotiating Off-take Agreements

Market Development

  • Establishment of new market centres
  • Liberalisation of existing markets
  • Integration of new technologies to existing market practices


  • Hedging Solutions
  • Pipeline Funding Solutions
  • Physical Procurement
  • Sale and Leaseback possibilities

Institutional Investors and Trade Houses

  • Yield Enhancement
  • Strategic Asset purchases
  • Asset Backed Lending

Wholesale Jewellers

  • Consignment Stocks
  • Pipeline Funding
  • Allocated Leasing

Support services (Logistical and Distribution)

  • Tendering logistical requirements across all client sectors to logistics and transportation specialists.
  • Vaulting, Storage and Custody
  • Shipping, Customs Clearance and on the ground movements
  • Tendering of Services in Umpiring, Inspection and Analytics

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